About us

Who are we achieve optimal lifelong physical health

The Champions Edge recovery and well-being is the new place to make yourself a champion. We here at The Champions Edge recovery and well-being are determined in helping people reach the goals they strive to achieve. May it be a competitive edge or a personal goal, we are here to help ensure that your mental and physical well-being are at the level it needs to be when striving to reach one’s goal. Our founder Brayden Buttigieg created the champions edge recovery and well-being with a desire to help people become the best they can be.

As the first establishment in Victoria to offer mobile services, we can cater for whole groups of people at the comfort of your local club/ rendezvous point of choice.

As a mixed martial artist, Brayden is constantly searching to find new methods which help to become a better athlete and all-round healthier person whilst simultaneously making training and recovery a more pleasant experience. With the help of his father Tony Buttigieg, they have created a place to share these newfound methods with the public.

We at The Champions Edge are firm believers in the benefits gained from using these innovative machines, which is why we are each frequent users of our products and we hope that you become a frequent user too.